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Nature's Electric Inc.

      Nature's Electric is dedicated to developing clean, cost effective, renewable electricity for people's homes, businesses and industries. By providing electricity from renewable resources like the sun and the wind, we save our planet from pollution and from depleting the non-renewable natural resources like oil and gas which will be needed in the future. Solar and wind energy have developed over the last decade to the point where they are reliable and can compete economically with the wasteful and environmentally dangerous electric generating systems of the past.

      Unlike many of the new deregulated electric companies, Nature's Electric has set the noble goal of generating electricity from clean, renewable resources. Many of the other new electric companies just sell electric power to consumers and businesses. Much of this does not come from renewable resources. Our renewable resources are the wind, using wind turbines, and the sun, using solar concentrating collectors and photovoltaic. Come join Nature's Electric as we make the electricity we need from resources that will make our planets future bright and clean.